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Your donation keeps projects flowing, the books in circulation & the bookmobile on the road.

Our programs bring together kids from different communities and backgrounds, bridging the gap not just between the islands and the rest of the world- bridging the gap between different communities on the island.  

Your donation will support active, engaged learners working to overcome poverty.  

Please help. 

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Why Roatan?

Of the 45,000 kids in the Bay Islands, only one quarter will enroll in school.   Of those kids, only one half will complete 6th grade. These kids don't have time to wait for school construction, teacher training, and administrative reform. If they don't have other options, only 1 out of every 8 children will be able to read, write or do basic math. 


Brain Spaces has joined with the Sandcastle Library & Partners In Education - Roatan to develop community driven learning programs in the Bay Islands of Honduras.


Core Ideas of supporting the Roatan Project

  • People have a tremendous, innate ability to learn.
  • Self-directed learners are active and engaged in their communities.
  • Education helps people overcome poverty.




Roatan Projects


The Sandcastle Library and Brain Spaces Learning Program

This library provides more than books.  It also provides classes, tutoring, story times, homework help, books on tape, & an e-Learning center with teaching software.  Mentors are on hand to work with the families.  The library bookmobile travels to schools and community areas around the island loaning books and teaching materials, reading stories, assisting with teacher training and assisting parents and students. 

As part of the library, the Brain Spaces Learning Program helps kids develop the skills to form learning communities.  


 The Bookmobile 

The bookmobile visits schools & communities around Roatan providing library services, story time, classroom materials & teacher training.  The arrival of the bookmobile is a big deal at school. One class at a time visits the bookmobile.  The kids browse, talk with the staff about their favorite books, and check out materials to keep for two weeks.  While one class visits the bookmobile, a reading specialist brings a "Story in A Bag" kit to another classroom. The specialist, reads the story and leads the students in an interactive learning activity from the kit.  She leaves the kit with lesson plans and activities with the teacher to use until the bus returns in two weeks. While at the school, a math specialist visits with teachers and students to offer tutoring, teacher support and training.