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Be a Mentor

  • Spend as little as 20 minutes per session working with kids over Skype.  You can read a story, help with a science project, or just talk about life.
  •  Send in a short video for the kids to watch.
  •  Read a story aloud and post it on youTube or send a video for the kids to watch.
  •  Give an online presentation about something you love.
  •  Create learning games, use your favorite program to build interactive story files, or anything else you can imagine that would help kids learn to read, write, compute and think.

Spread the Word

  • Give a talk at your community center, school or library to let people know what we are doing and why.
  •  Share links to our website, facebook page and fundraisers.


Hold a Fundraiser

Grassroots organizations rely on small fundraisers and individual donations to make big changes in people's lives. 

Support our programs

Your donation makes these learning communities possible.

A donation of any size is gladly welcome and can be made online at Paypal by donating to

You can also send checks made out to Brain Spaces to

 Brain Spaces, 132 Black Creek Rd, Oswego, NY 13126.  

 All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.  Brain Spaces is a 501c3 organization.   Brain Spaces accepts directed donations to support Partners In Education Roatan projects that meet our mission goals and as allowed under IRS regulations.

Please note  if you would like to donate to support a specific program.   


You can help...

$5         Provide school supplies for a student or replace a mouse on the e-learning computers

$15       Buy one oversize book for large group storytime

$25       Replace board games for the Brain Spaces center

$50       Fund the construction of benches and shelving for the library

$100     Fund the purchase and shipping of a pallet of project materials and kits

$200     Replace a computer in the learning center

$300     Fund the creation of 6 story in a bag kits including oversize book and 6-8 learning activities

$400    Keep the bookmobile fueled for a month