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Brain Spaces

Brain Spaces is a 501c3 nonprofit company that creates community based learning opportunities.  

Our board consists of people with a wide range of experiences in community education, traditional learning environments, self-directed learning communities and homeschooling.  We believe that people have a tremendous capacity to teach themselves, especially in group learning environments. As people learn how to research ideas, evaluate possibilities and direct their learning, they gain the confidence to understand that each individual's ideas and actions are important.

Brain Spaces does a lot of work with the Sandcastle Library and its parent organization, Partners in Education Roatan. 

Partners in Education-Roatan is a community based, non-governmental, non-profit organization directed by a 12 member board consisting of individuals, parents, and business owners representative of the Bay Islands. The board works as advocates for quality education at the local and national levels, collaborates with public and private education organizations, and develops and implements PIER-directed education programs.

For details on Partners In Education- Roatan, please see their website


About Brain Spaces and PIER


Brain Spaces and PIER are wonderful and somewhat rare match up. We both believe that education can help people overcome the conditions that keep people in poverty.  The harsh reality is that Roatan doesn't have the teachers, the schools, the libraries and the community centers to support learning in our communities on Roatan.   We aren’t willing to lose a generation of learners while we try to fix that.  We need something that can provide the students, their parents and their teachers with the opportunities and support they need right now in the environment as it exists right now.

PIER has the experience and history of working within traditional school environments and providing community learning experiences which are tied to curriculum based learning.  Brain Spaces has the experience developing student-led, self-directed learning projects and creating community learning groups.  Together we will expand the Sandcastle Library & Education Center and provide satellite learning centers in the most challenged areas.

Make a Difference!

All donations - big or small- help us keep our programs running.