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Our Mission:  To create opportunities for people to build & participate in active learning communities


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 There are many ways you can be a part of Brain Spaces.

  • Volunteer onsite or online
  • Create a local learning community
  • Develop learning materials
  • Fund our programs

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Current Projects

Brain Spaces Learning Center - a self-directed learning environment in Roatan, Honduras.  Children at the center use games, hands on projects and internet explorations to learn.

 Bay Islands Cultural Literacy Series - in conjunction with Partners In Education Roatan, Brain Spaces helped develop a series of books based on the cultural history of the Bay Islands.

Sandcastle Library & Partners In Education - Roatan - Brain Spaces partners with PIER to create and support a variety of community learning services including a library,a bookmobile, tutoring, teacher training, and other community driven education initiatives.  Brain Spaces works with student groups in high schools and universities to coordinate distance and onsite volunteer experiences in Brain Spaces and PIER programs in Honduras. Please visit for more information about its programs.

 Oswego Fiber Arts Group - A self-directed learning community focused on expanding members' knowledge of fiber arts.